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David Villalobos - I improved my work structure

Makes me more organized and much more productive

Since I've been using this tool I’ve been able to (finally) complete all my tasks successfully. Before Symphonical, the notes I left on my desk got lost from week to week. Even the sticky notes confused me because I forgot their dates and times, and even their subjects. After Symphonical, my colleagues have congratulated my improved productivity. Instead of struggling daily with a messy mind, I now come to work organized, with established priorities, and I can pick up right where I left off . Thank you for making my life easier!

David Villalobos - Pharmacist
Simone Sagramati - We worry less and focus more on important things

We worry less and focus more on what’s important

Managing a blog with many writers can be chaotic - you have to coordinate the work of each writer, prioritize each post and schedule each publication. At we chose Symphonical to organize our work because it’s quick, easy and fun to use. It works in real-time so we always have the situation under control. Since we always know where things stand, we worry less and spend more time focusing on the important things. We look forward to following the evolution of Symphonical as new features develop!

Simone Sagramati - Co-founder of

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Organize your tasks on a whiteboard

Organize your tasks on a whiteboard

Perfect for teamwork

Perfect for teamwork

Works like a charm with Google+ Hangout

Works like a charm with Google+ Hangout

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